NEW  ~ Adult Horse Ride Experience

We are excited to now offer a unique program for our adult learners.

Based around the success of our flagship “Pony Ride Experience”, the Adult Horse Ride Experience has been especially designed to provide you – the adult learner, with a variety of horse experiences at our Newberg, Oregon location.

Beginning with the basics of grooming your horse, you will then have the opportunity to ride and get to know the unique personalities of “the horses” at Oregon Dream Ponies.

Horses love our connection.  Our goal is to expose each participant to the magic and willingness of the horse’s ability to reflect back to us our progress along that connection journey.

Offered for your riding experience is:   Our Gypsy draft horse, Our fun-sized Icelandic Horses, and Our American Quarter “ranch” horses.  As an added bonus, there will be time to work horses “at liberty”; connect with our mustang as well as participate in games, and tricks with our 28” / 130-pound miniature therapy horses.

Book on-line now!  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time for yourself or with a friend / family member and experience something you will remember for a lifetime.

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