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Connection to a Pony

5 Skills a Pony can Teach a Child – #4 Connection

A Typical First Pony Ride A pony and a child have an opportunity to have a connection right from the start. But, what typically happens? A child’s typical first pony ride goes something like this. It is such a happy joyful time for the parents and children. Parents busy themselves taking pictures capturing the moment

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5 Skills Ponies Teach Children – #3 Bravery

Bravery.  What is bravery?  The Merriam-Webster dictionary states bravery is “the quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty.”  So often children arrive at Oregon Dream Ponies having only experienced ponies from their interactions with video, books and their own imagination.  This connection with the ponies

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5 Skills Ponies teach Children – #2 Curiosity

  By nature, children are curious and eager to know everything.  When that curiosity is coupled with a topic of interest watch out! The insatiable need for more data by a curious toddler will drive a parent to go to any means necessary to satisfy their child.  Watching children come to the ranch as their

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5 Skills Ponies teach Children – #1 Focus

Over the past 7 years we, at Oregon Dream Ponies, have worked with hundreds if not thousands of children and ponies.  Children amaze us with their attention, curiosity, bravery, connectivity and tenacity as they work with real live equines that have filled their daily dreams prior to their visit. Excitement quickly turns to a laser-focused

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