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5 Skills Ponies teach Children – #2

By nature, children are curious and eager to know everything.  When that curiosity is coupled with a topic of interest watch out! The insatiable need for more data by a curious toddler will drive a parent to go to any means necessary to satisfy their child.  Watching children come to the ranch as their parents

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5 Skills Ponies teach Children – #1

Over the past 7 years we, at Oregon Dream Ponies, have worked with hundreds if not thousands of children and ponies.  Children amaze us with their attention, curiosity, bravery, connectivity and trust as they work with real live equines that have filled their daily dreams prior to their visit. Excitement quickly turns to a laser-focused child

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Pony Party CAKEs from the past 7 years

After 7 years of pony parties, we have seen a whole variety of cakes & cupcakes here at the ranch.  Families have brought everything from homemade cakes, store bought to custom cakes that could compete with the extraordinary detail in a Wedding Cake.  Watching the children, the cakes that seem to bring the biggest smiles

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First Time Living in the Country

Living in the Country was the dream.  So many others have shared that they have this same dream.  Many times dreams that become reality are not what you thought they would be. Bob and I both grew up in suburbia.  Bob and I had never lived on anything larger that a half acre..  When we

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Taylor Hillside Farm Oregon

Rolling Hills and Grapevines

Many people share that they would LOVE to live where I live.  Living on 5 acres on a beautiful hillside surrounded by pristine grape vineyards with a backdrop of rolling hills that seem to go all the way to the coast, has such a calm feel for those who visit.  I can almost see the

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