Winter Lesson Session – 2020

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Sundays starting January 5, 2020.



6 one-hour sessions for 6 weeks (2 times per month)
January 5,12
Feb 2,23
Mar 1,15

Group Event – All session students come together for group activities and presentation of certificates on the last session day of the session at the same time at 2:30 pm.
Community Event – All students are invited to attend our rotating community event for Free. Past Community Events include Parade, Farrier Day, Hay Day, Visiting other Horse barns, Visiting Mustang Trainers, “Reindeer” Rides, other various Holiday special events and more.



Horsemanship Lessons for Children 2 and up – Lessons provide quality instruction to kids by developing motor skills, coordination, life skills and physical fitness while learning to ride. Each session is designed to be active, engaging and most of all fun! We strive to foster an attitude of accomplishment and positive self-esteem in the children through a series of doable, yet challenging tasks with a pony/horse appropriate to maximize learning and fun. Each hour is led by Cowgirl Kim & Cowboy Bob with a limit of 2 children per session time slot.