General Information and FAQ’s about Pony Rides at Oregon Dream Ponies (ODP)

For the safety of the rider, spectators and ponies, the following applies to ALL events we participate in with you:

How do I schedule an appointment or book a Party?

Select the BOOK NOW button to reserve your time.

Do I need to sign anything to actually ride?

A signed Oregon Dream Ponies Liability Release must be in place for each rider prior to   riding our ponies.

How many ponies will I need?

One pony for riding works well for events with less than 8 pony riders.  However, many parents have shared that they would recommend at least 2 ponies so the children don’t ride alone and the pony rides go much quicker allowing several rides for each child.  For events larger than 15 riders, we recommend 3 ponies and potentially additional time.


How old must you be to ride?

Child must be able to hold on to ride. Although child specific, our youngest riders typically start around 2 years old.  If unable to hold on, a photo opportunity with the parents / guardian will be created to capture the moment.

 Do you require riders to wear helmets?

An approved, equestrian specific riding helmet is required for all riders.  If you do not have one, we have approved helmets available for your use.

Is there a weight limit to ride a pony?

Max weight for our ponies is 65 lbs. Max weight for horse rides is 220.

What should I wear to ride a pony?

Long leg pants; closed-toed shoes are required.

Is there a good place to watch the pony rides?

We encourage spectators, and to make this a family event.  We have created a specific spectator viewing area specifically for your comfort and safety.

Do you have activities for non-riding children?

Children must be monitored by parents and kept from running freely in the spectator area, around the ponies, the riding area, and facility. Children who will not be participating in riding enjoy feeding the ducks & chickens, and visiting the pony gift store.

Can we take pictures?  What about camera “flashes”?

Yes you can take pictures!  And, we support you to capture these special moments throughout your visit.  Photographers/parents are required to stay in the view spectating area.  Please no flash photography.

Can we bring our dogs to Oregon Dream Ponies?

We love animals and pets.  Dogs can be fun, yet around horses can be unpredictable.  Pets are not allowed at Oregon Dream Ponies for everyone’s safety.

What about rain, wind and lightening? 

We watch the weather closely.   At ODP, we frequently work in rainy conditions.  Events at ODP take place under a covered riding area, so rain is no problem.  If high wind and/or lightening occurs, ODP reserves the right to make the call to delay, suspend or reschedule the activity.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

Events and visits that require a deposit or prepayment are non-refundable due to cancellations.

Can I come to just look at and pet/feed a pony?

All of our events are “By Appointment ONLY”. This format allows us to engage with the rider/family giving them our total attention.  We are not open for “drop ins” – please see our selection of offerings under the “Visits” web page tab.

No smoking / no alcohol at the Oregon Dream Ponies Facility.  Thank you.


………and more specifics for Parties on location:

We will arrive at your location 10-15 minutes before scheduled event.  We will determine with the party host the most suitable pony ride location, collect Liability Releases, review expectations, and set up.

Where can we ride?

A level riding area is required.  Our ponies like grass, sand or dirt surfaces.  Sidewalks and concrete/asphalt surfaces are permissible by exception – no slick surfaces.

A designated rider waiting / viewer spectating area is requested.  This gives comfort to the ponies and organization for anxious riders.  Safety First!

What about rain, wind, or lightening? 

We watch the weather closely.  We frequently work in rainy conditions.  Although your guests might enjoy a dry pony ride, rain does not seem to deter from the event.  Rain for us is no problem.  If severe inclement weather is forecast, we anticipate communication with you before your event to determine how best to proceed.  If high wind and/or lightening occurs, ODP reserves the right to make the call to delay, suspend or reschedule the activity.

Can I have a Pony Party at a City, County, or State Park? 

Sure. Our ponies love that !  If having a party at a park location, you are responsible to make sure any fees are paid and the proper officials have granted permission for ponies to be there for your event.

Are other party activities / decorations OK?

Balloons: If a balloon pops, it could startle a pony. We ask that balloons be located as far away from where the ponies will be as possible.

Bounce Houses:  Please locate the pony ride activity area as far away from the bounce house as possible.  If not possible, we might ask that bounce house activities be paused during the pony ride activity.

Please NO Balls, bikes or toys around pony ride area during pony rides.  These items can startle a pony.


Clean up – ODP will be responsible for clean-up and removal of any pony waste.


 Most questions are answered under the various tabs on our web page.  We will send you your specific event information in the “hard copy confirmation” that will be mailed to you from ODP once your event date is reserved.