Pony Pathways

In addition to the experiences we offer for children, Bob & I with the support of our lovely herd will start offering in 2023 a variety of opportunities designed for supporting humans to connect with horses. Look for more details to start coming available very soon for sign-ups. Below is one of our exciting upcoming options for the summer.

~ Mommy & Me (one parent, one non-walking baby): Look for this session to be offered in the summer of 2023. This pony time is designed as a shared time with your child getting to be introduced to the sight, sound, smell and touch of ponies. This quiet morning time is for a non-walking child and a parent to experience a pony just their size. Participants will bring a blanket for time to gather sitting in a pony park area to “meet and greet” as Cowboy Bob and Cowgirl Kim share time to see, touch, hear and smell a pony. This time creates a learning experience for the child that offers the opportunity to use all the senses.

We invite you to check back for more details coming soon. Or, consider joining our mailing list to receive a notification when these and other 2023 offerings are available for sign-ups. CLICK HERE to join our mailing list.

All of these developments stem from our ongoing learnings with horses and ponies currently driven by our participation in programs with James French out of the UK and The Trust Technique. Read more below if you like to learn more about how we found our current place on this journey we affectionately call “The Pony Pathway”. Thank you for visiting.

The Pony Pathway leads to James French with the Trust Technique

In July,  along came James French of the UK.   A sponsored video on Facebook called “I have a Dream!” popped out at me (click here to watch the video on Youtube).  This video celebrates the connections that are possible with horses and humans when they share feelings.  In the video there are images and clips of James sitting next to sleeping horses, running through the forest with cheerful equine friends following joyfully and riding bareback and without a bridle freely.  I had seen this video several years ago and even liked his page at that time.  But, something was different watching it this time.  I saw the benefit for both horse and human in this video. I saw peacefulness.  I saw trust.  I saw connection.  I did not see even an ounce of fear.  I needed to know more. I was ready now.

Taylor Hillside Farm Oregon

     That morning was the start of a rapid consumption of video upon video of examples of James working with animals at a level I had not ever truly considered.  This was a turn in our pony pathway that I wanted to follow creating a mutually beneficial way to share Oregon Dream Ponies.

     The time has come for us to offer a new way of connecting with ponies and horses incorporating James’s life learnings called The Trust Technique.  This will be a 2 year adventure in evolution. More to come…stay tuned if you like and in the meantime CLICK HERE  for more information about James French and The Trust Technique.


More about James French and The Trust Technique:

James and his lovely wife Shelley work with all sorts of animals supporting animals and humans to connect using mindfulness.  James beautifully show how animals and humans share feelings.

The Trust Technique is a method of working with animals through mindfulness, thereby resolving problems for the human, for the animal and for both together.  The Trust Technique works not by fear, but by bringing the individual and the animal into the present moment and bringing thinking levels down.  On a simple level, The Trust Technique recognizes that when you’re in a peaceful state, the animal feels that.  The animal will recognize that you are someone that helps them feel connected, so they will want to be with you and work with you.  It recognizes that animals and humans share feelings.  It takes the negative feared reactions and it breaks the cycles with the use of mindfulness.  In the process, it creates trust and confidence for both the animal and the person providing a listening state that takes the relationship to a deep level of cooperation and connectivity.

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