Pony Party Options

Here are  a few of the popular pony party options for customizing your event. Current custom options lists with pricing available when booking your event.

  1. BACKGROUND MUSIC: Cowboy Bob’s best Playlist!  Music includes age appropriate, family fun country music with the regular rotation of the popular “My Little Pony” theme song. (free)
  2. PAINT THE PONY: We provide non-toxic water-based paints, brushes and pony. Children take turns adding their own special “doodle” to the Pony Canvas.($45)
  3. OBSTACLE COURSE: Children complete an obstacle course riding “Brownie” the Stick Pony in the Pony Arena. ($25)
  4. BEAN BAG TOSS: 2 Corn Hole Boards with a bucket of sock bean bags set out for the party time. ($10)
  5. GLITTER TATTOOS: A Party FAVORITE!!!  Children get choose from a variety of temporary tattoo stencils that include ponies, unicorns & horses too!  Numerous vivid glitter colors give children a fun way to customize their tattoo.($3.50 per tattoo)
  6. FEED THE DUCKS & CHICKENS: Cups of food to feed the ducks & chickens for everyone!! ($10)
  7. STEER ROPING: Practice your roping skills on “Stu the Steer”. ($10)
  8. PONY HORSESHOE CRAFT: Children get to decorate a REAL pony horse shoe!  We provide the horse shoe & a variety of craft decorating items. ($8 per horseshoe)
  9. PONY TRICK SHOW: Hope, our adorable 8 year old micro mini pony & several of her pony friends delight party guests with an adorable Trick Show.  Fun for everyone!! ($25)
  10. HORSE RIDES: Available during pony ride time after all pony riders have had a turn.  Weight limits 65-220 pounds for horse rides. (Please ask for more details)
  11. ADDITIONAL PONY RIDE TIME: Available for all Party Options ($25 per 15 min per pony = 1 custom item)
  12. GIFT STORE SHOPPING: Setup a predetermined amount for each child to spend in the gift store & let the shopping begin!  Children find fun gifts to take home to remember their special day at the pony ranch. ($5 per child is common, please ask for more details)
  13. PIN THE HORN ON THE UNICORN:  Children take turns putting a Unicorn Horn on a Poster Unicorn as they are blindfolded.  The traditional “Pin the Tail on the Pony” also available.  We provide the setup & a small prize for each child.  ($15)
  14. PATIO HEATERS: Patio Heaters are a great way for guests to stay warm during the events during the winter months! ($25 each…we have 2)

pony party options