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We receive phone calls regularly from people wanting to know if they can come over for a pony ride or just visit the ponies.  I share that if they are looking for the pony rides frequently found at carnivals, festivals and pumpkin patches, we do not offer those types of rides or visits.  We do offer amazing experiences that provide time here at the ranch in a personalized “one-on-one” or “small group format”.  All of these experiences support children and adults to get up close and personal to the myriad of ponies and horses at Oregon Dream Ponies.  All visits are by appointment only and led by myself and my husband affectionately known as Cowgirl Kim and Cowboy Bob.

Below you will find a list of the variety of great ways you can visit Oregon Dream Ponies.


Pony_Ride_ExperiencesPony Ride Experience

A Dream Pony Ride

Only 100 visits offered per year.

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Kids and ponies – is there a more joyful combination? Oregon Dream Ponies provides a venue for the smallest horse lovers to enjoy ponies & learn something too 🙂 Starting for children as young as 2 years old.  The Pony Ride Experience has attracted children from all over the world as a lifetime of memories are created during this dream pony ride.  The Pony Ride Experience has also been a popular birthday gift (experience) for a pony crazy child.

Children discover how to safely pet, brush, and saddle the pony, with plenty of time to ride, and ample guidance to keep kids safe. This private hour closes with the child thanking their pony by feeding their pony a treat.

Fun & learning for the entire family unfolds during your visit. Children have so much fun they will want to come back again.   Numerous families come back regularly for more as each time a child visits.  With each subsequent visit, we provide new and developmental experiences while riding and interacting with the pony.

Special Note:  Children who are shy or have special needs have found great success here at the ranch with The Pony Ride Experience and more.  With a background in professional teaching and ponies, Cowgirl Kim will customize each experience to meet a child right where they are at.  Parents have shared time and time again that they cannot believe how much their child was able to accomplish in this hour.

The Pony Ride Experiences are held at the gorgeous Taylor Hillside Farm & Ranch surrounded by Newberg’s developing wine country.  Pony Ride Experiences are offered in a variety of formats starting at $295.

  • 1 Child, 1 Pony, 1 Hour
  • 2 Children, 2 Ponies, 1 Hour 


Unicorn Ride Experience

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Children ages 2 and older spend a magical time riding a Unicorn all their own. Children create a Unicorn of their dreams decorating with ribbons and choosing their Unicorn Horn color (rainbow, pink, blue, gold sparkles, silver sparkles and more). Once decorated children will ride their Unicorn creating numerous photo opportunities. The Unicorn Ride Experience concludes with children thanking their Unicorn feeding them a treat. The Unicorn Ride Experience is available most weekends and by appointment.  Weekend availability typically offered Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 1pm.  1 unicorn, 1 child $295, 2 unicorns, 2 children $395


Unicorn Photo Shoot Experience

The magic is real!

Here at Oregon Dream Ponies, Taylor Portraits offers a unique special event experience.  Children dress-up for a magical time with a Unicorn all their own.  The result……timeless portraits capturing the beauty and magic shared by your child and their magical Unicorn.

 All sessions are held in the comfort of our year round covered outdoor arena.  Each portrait session includes a personal clothing consultation and Unicorn customization consultation, 30 minute photo session, private viewing/ordering session 3 weeks later. Portrait packages start at $295.    Once the photo session is complete children will change clothes and have 30 minute of time to ride their Unicorn.
Then, approximately 3-4 weeks later, a date is set for you to come back to the ranch to view the portrait session creations in a private viewing/ordering session. Your child’s Unicorn images are each digitally created for  a collection of typically  10+ images. Portrait packages start at $595 and range up to $1295.  Portrait packages are in addition to the session fee of  $295.

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Custom Experience

We love creating custom experiences!  Recently, we had a wonderfully thoughtful husband call and ask about setting up an experience for his wife and 2 sons.  He went on to share that his wife has loved horses all her life and wanted to see what might be possible to create a visit for the boys and his wife to share.  After a bit of conversation around what he thought would be successful, we created an hour visit where mom had her own horse and the boys shared a pony.  Mom and the sons helped get the pony and horse ready for riding.  During the riding portion, each son got to ride with mom allowing mom to ride the entire time.  Dad’s job was to take pictures and videos capturing this special time together.  What an experience!  Dad shared that this was much more than he had expected and was so grateful for the special time we were able to create for everyone.  And, the best part was that the dad was able to keep it a secret all the way up until they arrived!

A while ago, a family arranged a small family reunion including pony and horse rides for everyone.  The highlight of the event had to be when the family matriarch decided she would ride.  At 87 years old, Avis smiled and told stories of her childhood while riding.  Family members cheered as Avis rode first at the walk and then at the trot just like she was a child riding on her family’s plow horse.  Avis’s daughter shared that she had not seen her mother that happy in a long time.   A few month’s after the family reunion, Avis’s daughter called and asked if she could set up regular visits for Avis to ride like she did the day of the reunion.  We set up a series of 1 hour visits where Avis and I rode together in the covered arena playing games and activities just like we were kids.   We will always cherish the time we were able to support Avis.

If you would like to consider a custom experience, call or email to start a conversation about what could be possible.  503.710.2092 or


Group_Pony_Ridesgirl_scout_troop_at_farmTroops, Groups & Class Visits

Yes, we do offer field trips!  Field trips are custom designed to support your goals.  Maybe you have specific ideas for the field trip? We love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Some groups ask for ideas or suggestions based on the size, age and interests.   For example, some groups want to meet all the animals here and learn more about what life is like on a farm.  Other groups like a more interactive style that involves a bit of learning along with an experiential component.  Some groups set up for each child to have a short pony ride while others choose to create experiences that include the students getting to pet, brush and feed the horses/ponies.  And still other groups enjoy learning about horsemanship and the horse “whispering” ways we practice to facilitate close connections.  The horse “whispering” experiences can include rich demonstrations of the connections that are possible including group involvement with breath work, beginning meditation and more.  Most visits are 1-2 hours in length.   Safety lessons, mini trick show, equine training and more are yet other options. Pricing varies depending upon group size and design with pricing starting at $295.     Email to design your visit @


We look forward to connecting about setting up your visit to Oregon Dream Ponies.