First Time Living in the Country

Living in the Country was the dream.  So many others have shared that they have this same dream.  Many times dreams that become reality are not what you thought they would be.

Bob and I both grew up in suburbia.  Bob and I had never lived on anything larger that a half acre..  When we moved here in June of 2010, all we had to “manage” the land was a push mower.  The reality of going from a residential neighborhood to a small 5 acre rural property quickly opened our eyes.

The hillside view distracted us from the realities of acres of blackberries overgrown from what others said was 15 years of neglect.  Every single structure was a sad expression of abandonment.  The critters had moved in every corner.  The underbelly of the house, if you could even call it a house, was a snarled tangle of what use to be the heat ducting.  Large flecks of pepper littered every cabinet.  The window’s misty view dimmed the neighboring vineyard view. But this 5 acre parcel was our dream, our paradise, right?  Well, it was in our budget 🙂

Oh the joys of the realizations of our decisions! There would be an endless amount of work ahead from then on.

Picture of House taken from the barn view when we first moved in.
Picture of House taken from the barn view when we first moved in.

Bob & I absolutely love it!